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Run as many third party tools as you need without slowing down your website.

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Zaraz is easy to implement

For Developers

Boost the performance of your websites with one line of code by loading your third-party tools on our backend instead of your end users’ browser.

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Zaraz helps your SEO

For Marketers

Improve conversion rates and SEO rankings by solving third-party tool slowdown.

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Novel Architecture

A multitude of unique features to free your end users’ browser from downloading and executing countless excessive scripts.

Cloud Load

Zaraz allows most tools to send their information through the Zaraz backend, replacing multiple network requests with a single request. The request is then adjusted to the tool data structure and forwarded to their server without running any scripts on the user's browser at all.

Cloud Render

For the majority of popular conversion pixels, Zaraz mimics the script behavior on its backend and then makes the browser fire the already constructed request, meaning no third-party JavaScript is ever delivered or evaluated on the browser.


Zaraz replaces heavy third-party widgets with a lighter-weight version that loads first so that the full-featured tool loads only when the browser reaches interactivity or upon user interaction.

Selective Load

Since some tools work only on a sample set of your visitors (e.g., session recording tools), Zaraz prevents the delivery and parsing of their JavaScript by the user’s browser when it’s not needed.

Smart Defer

Zaraz delays loading of specific tools until after the website reaches interactivity so they won’t compete with the website for the same resources. To ensure data collection is working properly, Zaraz prebuilds the necessary outgoing requests and fires them if the page was closed before the delay window finished.

Request Bundling

For session recording tools, Zaraz creates one bundled script by prefetching required assets, saving the browser from making hundreds of separate HTTP requests. It also takes care of updating the main script when those external resources are updated.

Script Inlining

For tools that need to be loaded as early as possible (e.g., A/B testing tools), Zaraz fetches third-party scripts and inlines them in the website HTML as part of your CI/CD process.

Analyze Your Third-Party Slowdown

Measure the slowdown created by third-party tools and external scripts on your website for free.

Enter a URL and get a report based on Google Lighthouse and Core Web Vitals metrics.


Sohan Shetty

Assoc. Director of Product at Razorpay

"Pagespeed is very important for Razorpay. With every second's reduction, we can see improvement in our conversion. I appreciate the work that the Zaraz team have been putting in working with us to help us achieve our conversion goals."

Sam Broer

Sr. Data Analyst at BetterHelp

"Not only have we seen demonstrable page speed improvements from using Zaraz, but it has also been a vital tool in increasing transparency, security, and governance for our third-party data sharing. Not to mention what a pleasure it is working with the Zaraz team!"

Jing Kjeldsen

CTO & Co-founder at Superside

"We were really happy when we discovered Zaraz! Before Zaraz, we had a constant struggle trying to balance page speed with the number of marketing & analytics tools we needed. With Zaraz, this problem is taken care of."

We support your entire stack of third-party tools

Use Zaraz to load your entire third-party stack: Analytics, Marketing Automation, Advertising, CRM, Chat, Security and Social Media. We optimize everything for you!

Privacy By Design

Zaraz is not in the ad business. We send your data to all the tools you want to use, but we do not save or collect any of it. Period.

Data Masking

Protect your customers by masking fields of data from third parties. We give you centralized control over exactly what data is being sent to your third parties. Hide IP addresses, email or device identifiers from your media partners and enhance your customer privacy with Zaraz.

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We prevent malicious code from entering your website in case your third-party provider was hacked, by scanning your third parties for changes before they are bundled and served to your users.

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