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Make your website faster. Boost revenue and SEO

Zaraz makes any website 40% faster by optimizing how it loads third-party tools such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, Intercom, and more. Improvements in page speed unlock massive revenue growth.

Key Benefits

Improve SEO rankings and optimize your site for Google's Core Web Vitals

Simple integration – just one line of code

Delight your users with a blazing-fast web experience

Zaraz is easy to implement

Increase organic traffic with zero effort

Page speed is crucial for search ranking. Starting May 2021, Google is updating its algorithm to rank websites according to Core Web Vitals metrics. Don't be left behind. Zaraz is the easiest solution to improve Core Web Vital metrics, increase page speed and win organic traffic.

Zaraz helps your SEO

Convert more

Maximize conversions from all your marketing channels with a faster user experience – reducing bounce rate and increasing engagement.

Analyze Your Third-Party Slowdown

Measure the slowdown created by third-party tools and external scripts on your website for free.

Enter a URL and get a report based on Google Lighthouse and Core Web Vitals metrics.

Keep your existing workflow

Add tools on your own without having to bother your engineering team. All it takes is a few clicks.

Team up with Product, Engineering, Data and Procurement

Zaraz helps your company manage all aspects of third-party integrations: implementation, performance, privacy and security. The entire team uses a single interface, making everyone’s job easier and more streamlined.

Monitor page speed and performance

Keep track of the most important web performance metrics, and gain insights that will lead your company toward a delightful user experience.

Enforce your third-party privacy policy

Zaraz can alert you about any unintended data (e.g. PII) being relayed to third parties, and you can setup specific filters to mask transmitted data – per provider.

Protect your website from data breaches

Zaraz runs most scripts on its backend instead of the browser, thus reducing the security risks involved in using third-party tools. Scripts served to your visitors are continuously monitored for changes and scanned for security breaches.

Improve Your Website’s Speed Today

See for yourself how Zaraz improves your website speed and helps you manage your third parties.